Think for a moment….


Think for a moment about just how small we are.  Think about how every little thing you and I do is completely inconsequential to the natural order of the universe.  It’s so thrilling to think that almost every star we see in the night sky is already dead, but they’re just so far away, we still see the light.  

Some people are all sorts of disheartened and discouraged and almost humiliated to think about those kinds of things, but apparently I’m strange, because I find all these concepts exhilarating.  It’s like a constant reminder that we’re all part of the same planet in the same solar system in the same galaxy in the same universe.  Never mind the threat of black holes, because that stuff can get scary.  Let’s just focus on the sort of profundity of this whole thing.  We’re all collections of atoms and molecules that occupy small amounts of space.  And every atom and molecule we’re made of has the potential of being recycled for something else in time.  I think it’s awesome and it really sets my nerdiness off.  It’s such a great thing, in my opinion, to consider.


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